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Our Approach

We are a family run business that adore dogs. Our passion and almost obsessive interest in dogs led us to believe there was a gap in the market for a more adventurous and fulfilling approach to exercising your pup.

We are much more than a simple local walk here at PG Pups. We believe that a high energy and stimulating pack adventure in the woodlands of Wimbledon Common and surrounding Surrey countryside serves your pup best.

We provide fun activities as part of their exercise regime, (e.g. hide and seek, sniff and find, running, dummy/ball action, whistle training/recall), which will help them socialise with their peers and make new friends.

We also help them to learn good manners (what we have branded as ‘London Manners’!) that will exercise both their body and their brain. All of this will result in a well exercised and happy pup. We don’t do gimmicks, we just do walking adventures and training very well!


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